Eye doctors in Dubai all bear witness to the fact that the number of children suffering from nearsightedness, known as Myopia in the medical world, have significantly increased. Surveys conducted in the country and across the world suggest the same, thus making it important for health officials to narrow down what it is that is actually triggering this problem.

Children as young as 5 years old are forced to carry the burden of spectacles over their faces. Some precious souls are even too young to figure out that they’re actually suffering from a problem. Only parents and teachers are able to identify their suffering, which is often when their vision has weakened way too much and the only viable solution is for them to get a higher prescription.

What are we doing wrong?

Eye doctors in Dubai have attempted to narrow down the factors that can possibly be held responsible in triggering this pressing problem. The findings have revealed that the following factors could all play a substantial role in causing myopia in the younger generation:

  • Increased use of Digital Gadgets: The widespread use of Tablets, TV’s and Smart phones all compromise our vision. They force our eyes to stare at digital screens for endless hours. This puts added pressure and strain on them causing them to become tired.
  • Poor Lighting: Whether you’re reading a book, finishing an assignment or scrolling through your phone, make sure that you do it in proper lighting. Working in poor light puts a greater amount of pressure on your eyes and this can contribute in causing myopia
  • Genetic Inclination: Studies show that your genetic makeup also has a role to play in determining whether you will or will not get glasses. So if your parents, aunts and uncles all sport the latest spectacles, chances are you too will eventually join the bandwagon.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Making an extra effort to look after our eyes is incredibly important in recent times when technology is bursting with new ways to enhance efficiency, at the price of compromising human health.
If you’re a worried parent or just concerned about your own optical health follow the following measures to look after your eyes in the best way possible:

  • Eat a balanced Diet – Consume eggs, milk, fish and leafy vegetables
  • Watch TV from a distance
  • Don’t use your phone or tablet under the bed covers
  • Blink frequently when using digital gadgets to keep them moist
  • Exercise your eyes by looking as far as possible and then as near as possible. This will help prevent both myopia and hyperopia

Treatment for Vision Problems

Thankfully though, eye doctors have come with several treatment methods to accommodate patients with vision related problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatisms.
Glasses and lenses are the more conventional options, but those who want a more permanent fix and want to break –free from the hassle of wearing eye wear should consider having Lasik Surgery in Dubai. To have their eyesight significantly improved or even fully restored.