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Canada Goose Parka My brother actually knows him as they lived in Shanghai while Jimmer was playing basketball and he said he was a nice guy. It was like Tebow but MUCH worseWe had “fans” unironically calling for Mike Malone head because he didn play Jimmer since he was jealous of Jimmer fame that he was also a white guy from NYThey bombarded all our radio shows and internet forums with all their shitty takes. Saying canada goose outlet london uk we should be giving him 40 minutes a game.It was absolutely the worst part of the last decade of our shit storm of a franchiseAnd from DAY ONE some of us knew Jimmer would never make it in the league, but we were forced to sufferAnd now 95% of those fake “fans” are gone for good, nowhere to be foundThe person who brought up the Tebow comparison was pointing you in the right direction, but I just outright mention the elephant in the room, it his Christian fanbase. Canada Goose Parka

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