Lasik eye surgery has become a common procedure in the modern world. It is popular and a quick method to rectify poor vision. Whether you have shortsightedness, long sightedness or astigmatism laser eye surgery is a safe and effective way to get your vision back. Lasik procedure has been around for quarter century. In the few decades it has developed into one of the best procedures for vision treatment. With a success rate of 95%, majority of patients get their vision back, with some patients achieving 20/20 vision, and others 20/40 vision.

Lasik eye surgery is a way of enjoying life minus the hassle of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Only a wearer of either glasses or contact lenses would understand the inconvenience and frustration one would feel when it comes to wearing them on a daily basis. It is like a crutch, you cannot do without. At the same time, carrying it around limits daily pleasures. For instance, there may be certain sports you cannot play or even particular jobs you cannot apply for.

If you take people with poor vision, Lasik procedure is the #1 eye surgery many of them opt for. You may wonder why? Let’s look at the benefits of laser eye surgery.


Some people may find wearing glasses or contact lenses will still not give them good vision. Lasik eye surgery reshapes the cornea which means vision is rectified and you will be able to see rather well again. This makes Lasik a far better outcome than wearing glasses or contact lenses.


This maybe hard to believe, but Lasik costs do not overpower the costs associated with prescription glasses and contact lenses. Laser eye surgery is done once, and you have to pay for it once. When it comes to glasses, your doctor may require you change the prescription regularly. The same applies for contact lenses. This can be rather costly in the long term.


Certain sports require you have perfect vision. Also, wearing glasses and competing in sports will pose many problems to the wearer. For instance, long distance runners may find it difficult to run with glasses.


Did you know there are certain jobs you cannot do when you have poor vision? It is not possible for people with faulty vision to work for the army or even fly a plane. The Defence Force particularly requires candidates to be glasses free.


This is a vanity point, but not everyone is comfortable wearing glasses in public unless you are a famous celebrity and glasses make you appear smart.

For new parents

If you are a new parent to a small baby, waking up in the middle of the night and fishing for your glasses because you cannot even see the baby, is not an ideal situation to be in. When there’s a child around it is imperative as a parent you keep a watchful eye. If you can’t see or forget to take your glasses somewhere, this can lead to unnecessary safety issues.