If you wear glasses or contact lenses it is a daily routine, something that you have got used to over time. But if you really think about it, you know the hassle that comes along with either of these. You have poor vision and up until now thought glasses or contact lenses were the only options. Things have changed now that technology has made great strides in the medical field. People with poor vision have hope that corrective surgery will give them their vision back. One such surgery is Lasik eye surgery, a popular procedure practiced by eye surgeons everywhere.

If you had a choice of restoring your vision back to normal, would you take it? Millions of people have and continue to do so everyday. With Lasik procedure vision is rectified quickly and you begin to feel good about yourself. Your confidence and self esteem will increase and you may have better opportunities in life, like your career or relationship. Not everyone feels good about wearing glasses, it is not something that improves one’s appearance, unless you happen to be a rich celebrity. Also, the total inconvenience of wearing glasses, looking for them when lose, accidentally sitting on the, breaking them and the having to replace them. It is a costly process.

If you are worried about costs associated with Lasik, don’t be. After all, you may be already spending exorbitantly on prescription glasses or contact lens solution. This is a recurring expense. Lasik surgery, on the other hand, is an expense you have to bear just once in your life. It is a long term solution that offers permanent results. If you cannot see, Lasik will give you your sight back.

Lasik is a quick and painless procedure. Many people are worried about surgery on their eyes. After all, eyes are sensitive and it is better to have poor vision than no vision at all. But there is no safer eye surgery than Lasik and it has been proven time and again since Lasik was first introduced ore than 25 years ago. It has a success rate of 96% with minimal chance of anything going wrong. In fact, there are no cases yet recorded of even the slightest mishap during Lasik eye surgery.

How does the process work?

Once the initial exam has been performed, and you are deemed a good candidate for Lasik you will be asked to come in for surgery. It is best you take at least 2 days off for this surgery so that you can rest before and after. Usually, patients are back on their feet and off to work within 24 hours. You can do that too. In the case, you are allowed more leave use it to stay at home and rest your eyes. Your eye surgeon will recommend you don’t drive directly after surgery, avoid using makeup and going swimming in the first few weeks, at least.