When was the last time you went a whole day without switching on a computer or looking at your phone? Can you recall when you were last able to go twenty-four hours without checking your e-mail or without logging into your social media account? Most importantly, when was the last time you gave your eyes a rest without staring at a brightly lit LED screen?

All this new technology, if not used in moderation, can have an adverse effect on the eyesight, requiring corrections via the uses of spectacles or contact lenses. However, there is a third alternative which is growing popular when it concerns improving vision correction, and that is the LASIK treatment. If seeking the LASIK treatment in Dubai, then it is recommended that you get the procedure done at the Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center, where the LASIK team of surgeons have been involved with the technological innovations to improve the treatment throughout the world, and bring international exposure and experience to the United Arab Emirates.

The beauty of LASIK treatment is that it both works and often removes the need to wear corrective eyewear. Not only does the treatment lower eye strain drastically, it gives an advantage in a career that requires a keen eye for tiny details, as well prove useful in employment where spending significant portions of time at the computer is mandatory.
But it isn’t merely the health benefits of LASIK eye surgery that should be considered. Corrective eyewear is costly. Couple that with the fact that spectacles might need to be changed every two-three years based on the fluctuation of the eyesight power (and excluding any replacements that will have to be made in the event that the spectacles are damaged beyond repair), add the expense of consultation fees and medication spent over the years, and you have a sizable bill to be paid when the costs are all added up. In comparison, the flat fee to be paid for LASIK treatment is proportionately less.

In addition to specializing in cataract surgery and LASIK in Dubai, the Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center also provides a range of other eye-care services, from Keratoconus treatment to general services such as prescription of glasses and handling eye emergencies. The clinic is open from Sunday to Saturday with working hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
The Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center was founded by Dr. Hani Sakla, an internationally renowned eye surgeon with decades of experience. Backed by a team of doctors and specialists at the clinic with just as many years of experience, the Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center implements the latest technology and equipment to ensure that patients are given nothing but the most outstanding eye care treatment to be found in Dubai.