Over the past two decades it has been in existence, it has quite simply transformed millions of lives all around the world. There are very few medical procedures in the world today that have had such a cumulative impact as LASIK treatment as had.

It was invented in the United States in the late 1980’s. Doctors realised that lasers could be used to dramatically improve eyesight by adjusting the corneal tissue in the eye. The breakthrough was a landmark discovery in the ophthalmology world. The LASIK procedure would only take a few minutes to correct the visual acuity of the patient. The patient need not be sedated during the process, only anaesthesia for the eye would be enough.

The results are quite simply, spectacular. Almost all patients who have undergone the procedure note that their vision has dramatically improved. Many people attain the best in human vision which is the 20/20 level while some even attain better vision, which is known as eagle eye vision. The full benefit of the procedure will be realised after a couple of months or so. By which time the corneal tissue would have completely healed.  This is when the full import of the surgery will be actualised.

LASIK treatment through its simplicity in solving a complicated problem has transformed millions of lives throughout the world. Every major city in the world today conducts laser surgeries. Even though the surgery itself is quick, it should be performed by trained and skilled hands. This is because the degree of experience and skills which the eye surgeon has, will directly impact the improvement of the vision which the patient will experience. A well-known surgeon will be able to make the perfect assessment and then conduct the perfect surgery with the best outcome possible.  Several degrees of improvement can be attained through this way. It is also worth noting that LASIK is irreversible so it is best if well trained hands handle the procedure.

Overall, the procedure has won many laurels which speak to the greatness of the procedure. Many lives have become more productive due to this surgery.

About Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center in Dubai

Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center is an eye clinic in Dubai with leadership provided by the leading eye surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Hani Sakla. He is one of the foremost cornea experts in the whole of the Middle East and has been at the forefront eye care innovation worldwide.
In addition to LASIK surgery in Dubai, the clinic provides medical treatment for a range of eye care ailments. Modern methods are subscribed too in order to deliver the best eye care surgery at Ebsaar.
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