If you are considering Lasik eye treatment in Dubai, you may be feeling anxious as you know it is a surgery performed on your eyes. Lasik is a surgery and must be treated so. However, you wonder how long Lasik lasts for? You’ve heard conflicting reports of it lasting between 5 and 20 years. How long would it last for you? Would you have to worry about getting this surgery all over again in a few years time? Lasik eye treatment different from patient to patient. The benefits vary. However, there is plenty of data to prove it certainly lasts more than a mere 5 years. It is treated as a long term solution to correct vision. But, the question is does it last forever?

The goal of this procedure is to reduce your dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many patients want to know how long the effects of Lasik last. The simple answer is it lasts for decades in most people. In 95% of patients, it is a permanent solution and you don’t have to worry about not being able to see again.

If you’ve never heard of  Presbyopia, it is farsightedness in patients that have difficulty focusing on objects nearby. It is a diminished ability to see close objects. Middle age people begin wearing glasses or bifocals as a result of farsightedness. If you’ve had Lasik eye surgery before this age hits you, it is likely you would have to wear glasses to focus on close objects. An alternative to farsightedness is monovision, a laser eye surgery to correct your vision.

When it comes to elderly people, cataract is a common eye problem. Cataract is cloudiness inside the eye which leads to a diminished ability to see clearly. This takes place in people between the ages of 65 to 80. However, in some instances it can happen to someone much younger. The cloudy lens can be removed through successful cataract eye surgery. An artificial lens is used to replace it.

During Lasik surgery the cornea of the eye is reshaped to focus on the light that is directed by the retina. It is a procedure that allows patients to have a clearer and more improved vision for years to come. Yes, due to natural circumstances and age you may see a change in your eyes, but it is certainly not happening in the distant future.

Lasik eye surgery in Dubai guarantees long lasting results. It is a permanent solution that millions of people have opted for and come out on the other side with positive results. In fact, Lasik eye treatment lasts for decades in most people, with a large number of patients attesting to a positive outcome. Forever is a long time to predict an outcome. However, two decades of being able to see clearly may feel like forever for most patients.