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The policy doesn deter fights, and may even encourage them. I think I told this story on reddit before, but it relevant. There was this douche bag of a kid who would target good kids with the intent of getting them suspended as well. After listening to his “statement” today, I was truly blown away by how delusional Mike has become. It’s weird because he seems to believe that he was de platformed over a handful of distasteful posts on Instagram and Twitter, but if you’ve been keeping track of his behavior at all, then you probably know that there was A LOT more going on than just a post with the c word in it on International Women’s Day (Which was obviously poor taste though, not necessarily for the profanity. It was more about the context for me.

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canada goose coats My SO wants to move canada goose outlet to Denver, but I worried about working as a school employee in CO because of the poor pay. I know DPS won a strike recently, but what is working there like? For SLPs/OTs/PTs, what are the caseloads like? Is the district supportive? Anything you can tell me would be great, specifically related to support professionals (I a new grad OT, for reference). Sorry if this is an FAQ question; it just seemed too specific for there. canada goose coats

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