What would you like to do first after laser eye surgery? The world will seem so much clearer and there is no doubt you would want to explore as much of it as possible. There an instant excitement when you realize you can see everything, and then you think about how much you may have missed out on before. So, do you want to take a hike, head down to the beach or even book that skydive? These are all great ideas, but let’s take a step back for a moment.


It is more likely that you will go back into work or sit on the sofa and binge watch your favourite TV series. When you cannot see properly, it is the everyday things that you will find yourself craving. And when recovering from surgery, confined temporarily to your home, restricted from exercising or eating your favourite food, then all you want to have is a normal routine.


You have to realize that you do most things with your eyes, for instance, seeing the world clearly, using your phone, watching TV or even going for a jog. When you cannot use your vision it does impact your life.


The good news about Lasik eye treatment is that it is not your standard surgical procedure. It is minimally invasive and unlike other surgeries on different parts of your body, your eyes can withstand the procedure, recover and heal all within a few days.


Everything will return to normal again. However, it is important to remember your eyes are still healing and you should be careful and take proper care of them. In the first 24 hours your eyes are in the acute stage of healing. Avoid activities which are stressful or could lead to strain and irritation. Do not go to dusty environments or sweaty gym sessions. Also, avoid prolonged screen time. If you are a sporting enthusiast, it is good to keep in mind that it will take you two weeks, at least to get back to specific activities like swimming, martial arts or skiing.


You will need to see your doctor the day after surgery to ensure your eyes are healing according to plan. You will be given eye drops to keep your eyes moist and from drying out.