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Hermes Kelly Replica It’s good news for travelers who found the previous customs process time consuming and cumbersome.Buses, which transported arriving passengers from the secure side of the airport to baggage claim, won’t be needed any more. Instead, the airport plans to reinstall Transportation Security Administration screening machines inside the customs area, allowing international passengers to pass through security before exiting through Concourse A. Customs and Border Protection area (also referred to as the Federal Inspection Service area, or FIS) at Cleveland Hopkins is located at the end of Concourse A, which is where bothWow Air andIcelandAir will set up gates in advance of their May flights.Come May, the competing airlines, both headquartered in Reykjavik, will start flying between Cleveland and Iceland, with dozens of connections to the rest of Europe and beyond.The new flights will more than double the number of international passengers traveling through Cleveland Hopkins.Related: How Cleveland Hopkins scored two flights to Iceland in one weekLast year, according to the airport, just over 48,000 passengers passed through customs at Hopkins Hermes Kelly Replica.