With Lasik eye treatment becoming the popular phenomenon it is there are many facts that have got tumbled in-between the myths. If you are considering Lasik treatment in Dubai, you should separate facts from myths. Lasik is commonplace and every other person seems to be having this treatment done. Let’s look at some facts VS myths of Lasik.

Lasik is suitable for everyone
The fact is not everyone is a suitable candidate for Lasik treatment. For patients with irregular corneas, eye viruses or eye disease there are alternatives to Lasik eye surgery. For example, as much as Lasik treatment guarantees positive outcomes, people afflicted with autoimmune disease or diabetes are unlikely to have a guaranteed outcome.

Lasik causes discomfort
Lasik is not a painful surgery. In fact, it is pain free. The eye is numbed using anesthetic drops during the procedure. If patients ever feel any discomfort it is just after surgery, which lasts not more than a couple of hours. However, this is in rare cases and most people do not experience any discomfort at all. The doctor may prescribe some aspirin for you to take post surgery to relieve any irritation.

I will go blind with Laisk
You couldn’t be further from the truth. Since 25 years ago, when the first surgery was performed no one has gone blind from Lasik eye treatment. Remember, the eye surgeon will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and all potential risks will be evaluated before deciding whether you should go ahead with the surgery. There are no reported or confirmed cases of Lasik causing blindness.

The laser beam can harm the eyes
No, the laser beam will not burn or harm your eyes. Cold lasers are used during Lasik eye treatment, which means it will certainly not burn the surface.

Will I be afflicted with long term side effects?
Since its development in the early 1980s, millions of people have undergone Lasik eye surgery. No long term side effects have been documented to date.

Since the outcome is the same, should I be concerned who performs the surgery?
Yes, we think you should certainly be concerned as to who performs it. The eye surgeon that performs the surgery must be well experienced. He should be an expert in Lasik eye surgery. And we recommend meeting with an eye surgeon in Dubai to have Lasik eye treatment done.

Is there a difference between cheaper Lasik to more expensive Lasik?
Remember, your eyes are worth any amount of money you spend on it. It is not something you should consider as cheap. Lasik is a once in a lifetime eye surgery with long lasting results. If you choose the more expensive eye treatment, it is certainly an investment that will last a few decades. Money should not be a factor when choosing the best treatment for your eyes.