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eye specialist in dubai

What You Should Expect From Your Vision As You Age

When adults reach a certain age in their lives such as the mid-40s, they begin facing problems with their vision. The conditions range from not being able to properly read, see things from a near or far distance, and many other developing vision problems.  At this point in your life, Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Night Blindness: 4 Steps On How To Treat It

Night Blindness, also known as nyctalopia, is a condition where people experience vision deficiency at night or in any place with dim or limited lighting. Although the name of the condition states that it is a case of blindness, it merely means that you face difficulty with your vision at Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Are Your Eyes Often Red? Here’s A Glimpse On How To Take Care Of It

Red-eye, often referred to as pink eye, occurs when the white area of your eyes becomes red. It happens when the blood cells in your eye go through expansion because a substance enters the eye and causes an infection or allergic reaction. In some cases, it might be temporary and Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Effects Of Leaving Your Lenses In Overnight

Falling asleep with lenses is a common habit that people indulge in frequently. Whether it is done consciously or unconsciously, it can be extremely risky for your eyes either way. Dangers can include corneal damage that can ultimately lead to vision loss. Moreover, it should be noted that your eyes Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Color Blindness: Measures To Counter This Vision Limitation

Color blindness is a condition in which the rods present in your retina are unable to identify the full spectrum of colors as expected. This limited functionality leads to colors such as red and green and sometimes blue being indifferentiable to the individual. In certain situations as true for a Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

5 Major Optic Nerve Conditions To Look Out For That Can Severely Impair Your Sight

The optic nerve is the means of communicating visual information from the eye to the brain. It helps transport images through electrical impulses and helps the brain use memory amongst many other operations to help identify the subjects or objects present in the environment. This nerve, however, can get damaged Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Teenage Development: 3 Major Changes That Teens Can Expect To Their Vision

The teenage years of life are described as a second phase of development wherein the body matures further to carry out a wider range of functions. During this time period, almost every aspect of the body is affected and hence changed as a means to make the individual more fertile Read More…

eye specialist in dubai

Retinitis Pigmentosa: How You Can Cope With This Eye Condition

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is described by eye specialists as a group of eye diseases that rarely manifests in individuals and is thoroughly dependent on their genetics. As an example of the name, these diseases develop in the retina of the eye that is responsible for carrying out many functions relating Read More…

eye specialist Dubai

Female Eye Health: How Hormones Affect Your Eyesight Over Time

Eye health is crucial for men and women alike but the latter can be affected more given the differences in the bodies. For the female gender, there is a difference in hormones that are secreted in the body that change with time and are found in greater concentrations than is Read More…

eye specialist Dubai

Supercharge Your Eyes WIth Vitamins A and B12

Vitamins are a necessary component of your diet that helps your body functions stay at an optimal functioning level at all times. These vitamins are especially necessary for your eyes that function on a daily basis with these integral units regulating the operations outside as well as within the eye Read More…